Condition of your boat when it is exposed to cool winter or hard freeze

Boat coat shrink wrap is a specially designed marine grade plastic film which is covered over and heat shrunk tight against the boat. Unlike a tarpaulin, shrink wrap fits drum tight so it can't flap around and destroy itself this is the secret to its durability

Because sheets of shrink wrap can easily be joined together there are no limitations as to the size or shape of boat that can be protected. Winterizing is more than just freeze protecting your boat. It is also preparing your boat for an extended period of non-use. Texas winters are unpredictable. You can have a mild 70° afternoon followed by a hard freeze within a day or two. Even though last winter was pretty mild, there was still one afternoon when we were trying to drain boats that had covers full of ice and engine lids that were literally frozen shut. There was less than 24 hours warning before that freeze. The previous season we had numerous boats that were damaged due to freezing temperatures that could have been prevented. Even if it doesn’t freeze, winterizing your boat can prevent many problems in the spring such as a flooding carburetor, a stuck fuel injector, a dead battery or gallons of fuel going bad. Most of these problems cost much more to fix than simply winterizing the boat. Don’t worry about these things, let our team protect your boat for you and make you satisfied. If you are planning to use your boat throughout the winter, an alternative to winterizing is our Monthly Winter Maintenance Program. You will still be able to use your boat and have it protected too. This is even more beneficial if you live out of town or won’t see your boat for long stretches of time. Some customers have us do a year round version of maintenance just for this reason.

Shrink Wrap Boats