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Shrink wrap used by boaters for the long lasting storage purpose

Shrink wrap acts as a prominent role for preparing your boats for winter. With thorough training, the correct equipment and the use of flame retardant shrink-wrapping film, this process can be ended with a little risk of damage to client’s boats. We produce and manufacture it in a range of extend stretch film-sizes. Shrink wrap is a low-density polyethylene cocoon used by many boaters to protect their boats during storage and land transport. If it is disposed it will take up a disposal capacity on landfills or trash to energy plants. Boat shrink wrap can be reused and processed to manufacture new products such as plastic bags, composite timber. The shrink-wrap material is non-permeable

so it’s important that the boat is as dry as possible before it’s wrapped, and that vents are installed in the wrap so it can breathe during storage. On long road and sea journeys, shrink wrapping prevents damage from extended exposure to heavy weather and road grime.

Unlike a tarpaulin, because the shrink wrap fits so tightly, it cannot flap or chafe, which is the secret of its durability. Whether you are transporting your asset by low-loader, trailer or as deck freight it will become exposed to the elements, environmental factors and other hazards.

Tufcoat developed industrial shrink wrap is a strong and permanence plastic film that matches all protection or policy need for the transport and storage. We use special extra protective tape to tape all seams and folds to ensure your boat stays tight and strong all winter long.

Effective shrink wrapping services by our experienced professionals

Shrink wrapping of any types of yacht boats and motorboats has been done over many years to protect the boats when winterized.
boat shrink wrapping
In some zones where heavy winters and plenty snowfall occur, this protection can help to forbid the severe damages to ship superstructures.
boat shrink wrapping
boat shrink wrapping
With proper training, the right equipment and the use of blaze retardant agent shrink-wrapping
boat shrink wrapping
Film sheet,this process is finished with little risk of damage to the customer’s boats and it can withstand the climatic conditions.
boat shrink wrapping

Our Clients Says

We are very much pleased with the services you provide, and the flexibility to
work with our time schedule.

Roger Federic

We received the best possible care for our boats and it definitely encourages us,
they use the reusable covers and hence recycling is carried out efficiently.

Dojorenit Federic

We experienced best customer support and satisfactory services from your experts;
you have done a great job.

Jhon Federic

The care we received for our boats are good and it definitely encourages us
to select them to safeguard our ships next year also.

David Federic

Steps taken to protect boats by shrinks wrapping services

Shrink wrap can be produced in an extensive variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the needed application, amount of durability and duration of exposure to different elements. Tarpaulins or custom covers are used with varying degrees of success; often they won't withstand long periods at road speeds or successive winter storms, coming off and causing damage to the boat.Our experts develop a plan of action to care for your needs.

boat shrink wrapping

The most important part of job is to ensure that on the day your boat is getting wrapped it is as dry as possible. Any water in the bilges or general dampness in the boat will just turn into its own weather system under the wrap for the entire winter. Boat shrink-wrap is made of low-density polyethylene which can be recycled and used in the manufacture of new products such as plastic bags, guard rail blocks, wheel chalks and plastic banners.

boat shrink wrapping

The plastic then gets tied down tight and completely heated to make it shrink to the skeleton and the boat. The final step is to ventilate the boat and fine-tune the wrap such as taping up any holes. The issue of mold and moisture problems on a shrunk boat is purely due to the moisture content in the boat on the day it was wrapped. These services are mainly required to protect the boats during road transport and storage of materials is often done for creating work shelters.

Any type of boats can be shrink wrapped during winterization

The winter can be harmful to the outer layer of the boat if it is not protected. Tufcoat shrink wrap can be applied to objects or structures of any size as the sheets can be welded together, this means there are no holes or openings which can occur with tarpaulins or scaffold covering, the result is 100% encapsulation and full protection. Shrink-wrapping your boat is like adding a layer of armor to your boat's protection. Shrink wrapping your boat adds an extra layer of protection to keep moisture, pests, and damaging winds away from your boat’s interior and exterior. The fabric cover can be easily installed so that the boat will be protected. Any size boat to your largest yachts can be shrinking wrapped at the location. Here are a few things that our shrink wrappers do different from our competitors. We will take down anything additional that we need to in order to protect the boat before we build our support structure. We work with boat builders and owners who get fed up with having to clean a dirty boat at the end of every layup period. If you have a requirement that we cannot meet from our stocked product then we may be able to manufacture a custom product to your specification and solve your problem.

boat shrink wrapping

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